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Hair Play with Airspray Challenge

Amy Havins talks about Pantene Pro-V's newest product, Airspray.

Like all of you, I am always on the go. I am constantly headed to everything from lunches, appointments and meetings. One of my biggest complaints about bopping around all day is my hair. Often when you style your hair in the morning, by dinner time it looks ‘tired’.

Thanks to Pantene Pro-V’s new Airspray, I no longer have to worry about what my hair will look like by the end of the day....


Summer Hair Styles

Dallas is getting warm or should I say HOT. As the temps increase I have found myself wanting to be in the pool as much as possible and also sweating every time I walk outside. You know when you fix your hair, blow dry it perfectly, walk outside and them BAM it goes flat and frizzy....