Summer Hair Styles

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Dallas is getting warm or should I say HOT. As the temps increase I have found myself wanting to be in the pool as much as possible and also sweating every time I walk outside. You know when you fix your hair, blow dry it perfectly, walk outside and them BAM it goes flat and frizzy. I don’t even know how this happens (besides humidity) but oh is it annoying. The price we pay during those warm summer months!

Lately I have been doing some major scrolling through my Pinterest boards searching for summer hair ‘up do’ inspiration. I assure you I am not going for that bad prom up do look but more for the ‘I just threw my hair up and it turned out like this‘ look. Although I have pretty much mastered the perfect pony tail I am still working on other knots, buns and braids. I am really hoping to have it all mastered by this weekend…if not hopefully sooner than later! What are your favorite summer hairstyles?

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