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Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares her weekend plans and the best weekend sales online.

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Happy weekend! I am so excited that today is finally here. Not just because the next two days have lots of fun things in store but in addition to fun plans I love the weekends because the world shuts off. No work e-mails, it’s just nice and calm.

This week really flew by. I spent more hours that I normally do grinding away on my computer, I worked out and I even got a little extra sleep....



Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe shares her home style.

If you read my post a couple a weeks ago you know that we are knee deep into a home renovation. We are currently gutting the master bathroom, master closet, laundry room and converting the guest house into a garage. Once these spaces are done (hopefully sooner than later) we will then begin the kitchen. Since this is our very first home renovation, we are still trying to figure out this entire process even though we are being guided by some very talented people....