Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe shares her home style.If you read my post a couple a weeks ago you know that we are knee deep into a home renovation. We are currently gutting the master bathroom, master closet, laundry room and converting the guest house into a garage. Once these spaces are done (hopefully sooner than later) we will then begin the kitchen. Since this is our very first home renovation, we are still trying to figure out this entire process even though we are being guided by some very talented people.

Just a tiny update on a few spaces in #dwardrobehome…

  • Bathroom: Everything has been ordered but this has been quite a process. Who would have thought that this kind of space would take so long! From demo, to plumbing, to sheet rock, to removing doors the prep work has been quite long. We have ordered everything and finally all of the prep work has been done, so the next step is the floor install which I cannot tell you how excited I am to see!
  • Closet: Since the master bathroom and closet area are kind of one in the same, we decided to bring in a space planner that has helped us visualize the space and design a suitable closet that will not only be functional to all of our things but also visually appealing. This week we finalized the design and now we are just awaiting a walk through with the carpenter and then he can start building!
  • Furniture: This has also been quite a process but honestly one of my favorites. With the help of Cindy Sontag, we have really begun to see our vision come to life. From finalizing the dining room (now just awaiting the chairs, mirror and wallpaper to get in) to ordering all of the light fixtures, to continually making ‘big’ furniture decisions;  everyday there is something new and exciting to discuss. One of the most important things that I have learned from Cindy Sontag is not to rush anything. Yes, Wade and I want to snap our fingers and everything will just appear but that is so to the case. She knows the importance of taking everything step by step will really make the end result so much better.

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