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Fresh & Clean

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I know we are all so busy. Between jobs, friends & family it seems that life will never really slow down. As a couple who is always on the go, one thing that the husband and I constantly talk about is simplifying life, whether this is in our closets, in the plans we make or even something as simple as laundry....


White Pumps

Ever since I was younger I have never really been a fan of the white pump. Yes, I wore white sandals when I was younger on such occasions as Sunday school & Easter but that was only because my mother wanted my sisters and I to dress similarly (against my will of course), otherwise I always opted for either a red mary-jane or jellies....


Thanksgiving Table

Besides the food & family time one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is the beautiful table. Every year my grandmother goes above and beyond with her table (planning weeks in advance) and it is something that I have loved since I was little. While I haven’t gotten to the point where I am hosting the big meal (I need much more practice in the kitchen) I still love to gain inspiration from others beautiful tablescapes and constantly taking mental notes for when I will eventually get passed that torch....