White Pumps

white pumpswhite pumpswhite pumpswhite pumpswhite pumpswhite pumpsEver since I was younger I have never really been a fan of the white pump. Yes, I wore white sandals when I was younger on such occasions as Sunday school & Easter but that was only because my mother wanted my sisters and I to dress similarly (against my will of course), otherwise I always opted for either a red mary-jane or jellies.

For some reason I have always associated the white pump with either my mothers early 80’s wedding shoes or Cher Horowitz (Clueless). When I would see I always thought it made feet stand out and glow. Well you guys, here is something you may not know but people change their minds. Shocking I know. Basically this is me admitting that I have not been a fan of the white pump (or sandal) for a very, very long time and now I am. Maybe I should blame my mom for this or maybe I should have listened when she told me that they went with everything. Mom knows best.

Anyways, I cannot get enough of the white pump. They can literally go with everything. White pumps are great when wearing a bold color or even pairing something as simple as black. No, I don’t have a pair yet but I am really debating on pulling the trigger and just splurging on this pair or opting for this less expensive version just in case I change my mind about this trend. Not thinking I will anytime soon but you never know. How do you feel about the white pump?

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