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My Evening Face Routine

nighttime moisturizing routine

The last few months I have gotten a lot of questions on my skincare routine. Like most things in general, it is forever evolving. I like often refer to my skincare routine as trial and error. Trust me when I say that I have had an ample amount of errors but the last few months, I have found products that truly are working for my skin....


Summer Skin Favorites

Amy Havins shares her favorite summer face products.

A regular skin care routine is something that has taken me so long to figure out and changes from season to season. To me, skin care is so important and while I have no where near perfect skin (thanks for the brown spots sun), I really do try hard to keep my skin in the best possible condition that I can. From getting regular facials, to lengthly discussions with my dermatologist, to drinking water, wearing hats, daily sunscreen; I try so hard to keep my skin looking the best that it can!

While I am not saying I am an expert in ANY way, I wanted to share with you all my summer skin favorites right now and explain why I have liked using them.

Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Towelettes: These face wipes are literally my favorite things ever. I use them morning


Marc Jacobs Beauty

Amy Havins shares her new favorite eye shadow palette from Marc Jacobs Beauty.

Although Marc Jacobs launched his beauty line, Marc Jacobs Beauty, in 2013, I am one of those people that really has to be talked into mixing up my make up routine. Weird right? Well for me no. It may sound crazy but I have had the same Trish McEvoy make up brushes since I was in the 9th grade…yes, that is almost 15 years....