My Evening Face Routine

nighttime moisturizing routineThe last few months I have gotten a lot of questions on my skincare routine. Like most things in general, it is forever evolving. I like often refer to my skincare routine as trial and error. Trust me when I say that I have had an ample amount of errors but the last few months, I have found products that truly are working for my skin.

Yes, I get regular facials (every 3-4 weeks) but skincare is similar to a work out that even if you go to the class, you must practice a somewhat healthy routine to really see results. For me, spending money on facials is pointless if I am not going to try and take care of my skin in-between my appointments.

I will do a post on the products that I use in the mornings but I wanted to share the products that I have been using at night that work for me!

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