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Red Lace Midi Dress

Amy Havins wears a red lace midi Shoshanna dress.

Can you even believe that tomorrow is November 1st? I keep looking at the calendar and wondering where on earth has the year gone! As we head into November, we also head into the season of holiday gatherings, parties and really everything in between. With all of the events that are filling the calendar, the one thing that I realllyyyyy start to think about as the calendar hits November is what on earth am I going to wear to all of these fun events.

A dress like this red lace midi Shoshanna dress is really the most perfect thing to wear to just about every event on the calendar


Summer Hair Care is Not just for Summer

Amy Havins shares that summer hair care is not just for summer.

 aveda smooth infusion // aveda hair and body cleanser // aveda after-sun hair masque // aveda sun care protective hair veil // aveda daily light guard

One of the biggest misconceptions with summer hair care routines is that they are only meant for the summer. Yes, during the summer months it is important to take extra care of your hair because of all the chlorine, sunshine and ocean but why pay extra attention to your hair during those few months…you must make it a year round thing!...