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home style home style home stylehome stylehome stylehome styleEveryone has different nightly routines. Our routine is anything but ordinary because we stay up LATE. By late I am talking no earlier than 1 AM. Yes you may think that’s crazy but for some reason that is just the way the husband and I have always done it and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

In order to wind down late at night I turn on mindless television and I get on Pinterest. For some reason pinning my life away really relaxes me. Scrolling through pretty image, after pretty image just makes me happy. Lately, I have found myself pinning all things related to the home. Hello home inspiration! I am sure I have said this before but home decor is not my thing. I mean I NEED help. Yes, I love the way our house looks but we have now been here about 18 months and this girl is ready for a little change up so I have found that by searching through Pinterest for home inspiration is not only relaxing but also inspirational. Maybe I’ll eventually just re-do everything but for now I am going to be collecting images on Pinterest for my (future) home and for inspiration.

image one//two//three//four//five//six

little green dress


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