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Happy Weekend! It’ssssss Friday! Fast week right? I always have a love/hate relationship with shorter weeks. Yes, I love the holiday but I always get so behind! That being said I will say last weekend/my birthday weekend was one of my favorite (and much needed) weekends in Dallas in a very long time.

Last Friday night my sweet, sweet husband threw me a surprise party at Local (if you are in Dallas you HAVE to try it). I am telling you I am NEVER surprised and he pulled it off. It was such a night with some of my favorites and plenty of rose! Saturday (puppies in tow) we checked into The Mansion Hotel and the weekend just kept getting better in better. We relaxed in the room, then had one of the best meals at my all-time favorite restaurant in Dallas. I haven’t eaten at The Mansion Restaurant since last summer and as we were going through course after course the husband and I both were planning our next trip back. Saturday was a bit of a late night (I wanted to stay up until my actual birthday). Sunday we spent the day by the pool with sweet friends, ended up ordering Mi Cocina take-out and watching the Baylor game. Since it was my birthday we rallied and hung out at the hotel bar for a bit and then went to a local favorite. Somehow I blinked and the weekend was over but I guess that is how all the good ones are. Sigh.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that yesterday I landed BRIGHT and early in New York for fashion week. To be honest yesterday was a total blur. Landed, headed to the hotel to drop my things, went to a meeting, then to a fitting, another meeting and then all of the sudden it was time for dinner. YIKES. What a day! Today started a bit early (spin class) and then I have hit the ground running. The next few days will consist of show after show, meeting after meeting, the US Open and at some point I may get to kick my feet up…but let’s be honest…that’s not going to happen! Long story short my time in NYC is short, sweet and super busy and I would have it no other way! I hope you all have the best weekend and don’t forget to follow along on Instagram (@DallasWardrobe)! xx

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