Happy Weekend

Dallas Blogger Amy Havins shares the best spring trends from Nordstrom.Happy weekend friends! Raise your hand if you are happy that today is Friday (currently raising my hand). Oh my goodness, where to begin with this week. It has been a long one. Sick husband and sick baby. When one of us gets sick, it spreads so quickly. Thankfully everyone is much better now but wow was Tuesday night rough (baby Ralph was up the majority of it).

Besides the sickness, this week has been filled with non stop e-mails, everything home related (did you see on my instagram stories that are bedside tables from The CEH arrived) and then normal ‘life’ things.

This weekend we have lots on the agenda. Tonight (Friday), we are celebrating our sweet friends 60th birthday. I cannot wait. Trust me when I say this friend knows how to throw a fun party! Saturday will consist of brunch with my mom, sister and grandmother and then Saturday night I am reallyyyyy hoping we stay in and just relax. Sometimes the best nights are the ones with nothing on the agenda.

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend and if you are in Dallas you get to enjoy this pretty weather.


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