Happy Weekend

amy havinsHappy weekend friends! How is it that we are now already half way through February, I have a 7 month old baby and spring is just around the corner? Time is really crazy and everyone says that it goes that much faster when you have a baby and I could not agree more!

This week was another hectic one and it really quite wild looking at a calendar and literally every weekend from now until the middle of may pretty much has something going on. I swear I had zero plans rolling into the new year and then once the first week of January hit my calendar just kept filling up. Not complaining whatsoever, all good things!

This weekend is going to be another fun one as tonight we are going to be laying low and getting in lots of snuggles with baby Ralph, tomorrow consists of our usual Saturday morning work out, followed by lunch and then tomorrow night we get to celebrate our sweet friend Margaret who is getting married!!! I am so excited because I know it is going to be the most fun (and lovely) wedding.

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend. xx


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