Festive Finds Part 1.

Sukilynn Photography Sukilynn Photography Sukilynn PhotographySukilynn Photography Sukilynn Photography Sukilynn PhotographySukilynn Photography Sukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn Photography Sukilynn Photography3jSqlJ5thvZEqspHxFYXlR8VENg0GMN-sEm50V297igSukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographySukilynn PhotographyHoliday shopping can be more than overwhelming, especially this time of year. Everything is crowded and traffic always seems to be a nightmare. One of my favorite ways to avoid getting annoyed by the holiday crowds is go with a girlfriend. Everything is always more fun when you have a friend with you! Am I right?

Last week one of my favorite friends Kristin and I decided we would venture out to do a little holiday shopping for our sisters (she has one and I have two). I don’t know about you but no shopping trip can begin without two things: 1. A plan of attack 2. a GREAT cup of coffee (hello a girl needs energy).

Naturally our first stop was the Nespresso Boutique in Dallas. I had actually never been there before but having recently gotten their new Vertuo Line machine (it makes coffee and espresso) I had to pop in the boutique and see what it was all about. The best part about the Nespresso Boutique is that you felt like you were in a different world. You sit down and someone takes your coffee order (which I love) and you guys, not only did we have the yummiest sweet bites (macaroons were so delicious) but the coffee that they made was OUT OF THIS WORLD. After indulging in a couple cups of coffee (I told you we needed energy) and lots of laughs, we shopped around the boutique (I snagged some extra pods & these adorable espressso cups) and even got a machine for each of our parents (good coffee at home is the gift that keeps on giving). After a few more laughs we were on to the next place to find some more festive things. Make sure to check back tomorrow to see where we did all of our holiday shopping for our sisters!

Shop My Favorite’s from Nespresso

images by Sukilynn Photography

This post was brought to you by Nespresso. All opinions are my own!

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