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There is nothing more intimidating than figuring out what products to get for your baby. Like most, you rely on friends for recommendations but at the end of the day every baby is different and has so many different needs…so where do you begin!?

In short, Walmart. From before Ralph arrived to present day, we have relied on Walmart and there amazing selection of products from newborn and beyond. Walmart literally has every option possible to give your baby exactly what they need (because we all know they need different things).

For example, we found this baby monitor (which we still use today because it is the best *trust*) from Walmart to work the best in our house (and for travel) and items like this bath tub for when Ralph was a new baby to this potty training toilet that is now sometimes ‘being used’ today (we are still figuring out the potty over here).

Walmart is a retailer that has been our go-to for Ralphie since day one and we cannot wait to continue to discover new brands and products that they carry!

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This post was brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are my own.

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