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With Valentine’s day right around the corner (a little over three weeks) it’s about that time to think about your wish list or what little something something you are going to treat yourself with! Today I have teamed up with one of my favorite retailers, Nordstrom, to pick out some of my favorite things that I think would make perfect gifts for a friend or yourself!

When it comes to the art of gifting for Valentine’s day I always like to get (or request) some kind of beauty product or fragrance. There are certain things like make-up sets, nail polish and perfume that are always my favorite gift to get and over the years I have found that Nordstrom always has the best selection when it comes to my wish list.

Fun fact: I love perfume and anytime anyone asks what I want for a birthday (or in this case Valentine’s day) I always say perfume! It’s the gift that keeps on giving because it lasts so long. Plus, the bottle look so pretty displayed on a bathroom counter! Well, enough about my Valentine’s wish list…what do you like to get or give??

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This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own!

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