Fendi Peekaboo Tote Bag

fendi peekaboo leather totefendi peekaboo leather toteThe Fendi Peekaboo leather tote has been around since 2009 but it has really gotten a lot of attention lately thanks to the people are who carrying the bag, the peekaboo project (learn more here) and of course Vogue naming the Fendi micro peekaboo one of the top 10 ‘it bags’ of 2015.

While all of these statistics, fun facts and photos are great to know about the Fendi peekaboo, to me the most important fact about the re-vamped Fendi peekaboo bag is that I am obsessed.

You know that moment when you are just casually strolling through the new arrivals on your favorite sites and then something (like the Fendi Peekaboo tote) catches your eye and you literally stop and stare for a solid 2 minutes. Well, that happened to me when I was dual browsing Neimans & Net-a-Porter. I couldn’t help it. The bag is so freaking gorgeous.

Although it is quite a hefty investment, I will say the classic shape and colors of the Fendi peekaboo is a bag that is here to stay.

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