Best Black Friday Sales

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Can you even believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow? I for one cannot. This year has been quite the trip and I cannot believe that it is (finally) coming to an end. While this year has tested my patience more than a handful of times, I truly am grateful for everything that 2020 brought. From the birth of our little girl Vivienne, to more time than I could ever dream to get to spend with my little family; looking back it really has been a wonderful yet extremely strange year.

While Thanksgiving looks very different for us this year, I am excited to spend the day with my little family at home. Ralph is beyond thrilled to eat turkey and mashed potatoes tomorrow (thank goodness for Eatzis because I had nothing planned food-wise until that is what he requested on Monday!).

I know many of you will be spending time this holiday weekend in the same spot you have probably been in since March but remember this too shall pass. Sending you all all the good vibes and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xx

Best Black Friday Sales of 2020

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