Tuesday’s Trend: Travel Style

The only thing you have any control over when traveling is your outfit. There is nothing more miserable than trying to unbuckle strappy sandals while going through the security line, being cold on your flight or like Sally mentioned in her post last week, dragging a huge duffle bag through the airport.

Having grown up traveling I have learned different travel styles and techniques that work for me. I will say though, in recent years ‘what works for me’ has definitely changed. I used to just pack a large carry on tote bag throw in my ipod + maybe a book and be good to go. but over the years I seem to want to carry on more (make up, shoes, clutches) so this Hartmann hardside luggage has been a lifesaver and seriously amazing to travel with (it literally glides like it is on ice). Another travel must for me are my favorite J.Brand skinny jeans. They are so comfortable and the only pair of jeans that I literally buy over and over again.

Last but not least my latest travel obsession has been my Camilyn Beth Swagg. I traveled with my Swagg a couple of weeks ago and I will never travel without it again. It’s perfect because you can wear any type of shirt (with or without sleeves), style it open as a sweater or vest and even belt it for a completely different look. Oh and when you get chilly on the flight (which you know you will) you can drape the collar over your shoulders. Talk about the perfect travel companion.

What are your favorite things to travel with?
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