Top 10 Over the Knee Boots

Last week my Aunt Mary and I were texting back and fourth about boots.  She has quite a closet full of knee high boots and was at the store trying on the over the knee style boots and was debating whether or not she should get them or not. Let me just preface by saying that 1. She is adorable 2. She has legs for days 3. She is over 50.

You are probably wondering why I felt it necessary to include those three stats about my favorite aunt but I promise it will make sense once you read the rest of this post.

First, I know it doesn’t matter if she is adorable or not but I thought it necessary to include because I know she reads my blog and what can I say, she really is such a babe. Second, she has legs for days…meaning that of any people in the whole world the over the knee boot was actually made for her. Third, she is over 50. Oh age, I know it’s just a number but I have found when helping style people or just fashion conversations in general some women are so fearful of some fashion trends because of there age. Yes, there are some fashion trends that are not appropriate for everyone (mini skirts) but there are some that are.

In my opinion, one of the trends that I think is appropriate for all age groups are the over the knee boots. I think they look great with all outfits this time of year and they just look so much more fresh than a knee high (especially for night time activities). I snagged this pair of over the knee boots last month and I wear them all the time!

Are you as big of a fan of the over the knee boot as I am?

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