Loeffler Randall ‘Lock’ Leather Clutch

Amy Havins shares her new favorite Loeffler Randall 'lock' leather clutch.I can openly admit that I spend plenty of time online shopping. While I do not necessarily always pull the trigger on the purchases, trust me when I say that every single one of my favorite online shops always has at least one thing in the cart.

One item that I have had my eyes on for a little bit are these Loeffler Randal lock clutches. Loeffler Randal has made this style of clutch for a little bit but the new color waves have me really wanting to add at least one to my collection. Although I love all of the the different lock clutches, I really have my eyes on the porcelain print lock clutch. As such a lover of blue and white, this Loeffler Randal porcelain print lock leather clutch has my name all over it.


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