The Perfect Bachelorette Party

grand beach hotel miamimiami hotelsmiami hotelsmiami hotelsmiami hotelsmiami hotelsmiami hotelsmiami hotelsgrand beach hotel miami miami hotelsIf you follow me on Instagram, you know that last weekend I was in Miami for the third time this month. Yes, the third. Pure coincidence I promise! This last trip was extra special because it was celebrating and up coming marriage of one of my best friends with all of my oldest/best friends (we have known each other since we were 8). Although all three of the trips were SO different (and so fun), I wanted to give some details of last weekends Bachelorette Party getaway because the majority of you who read this have done this or are doing this at some point.

So Bachelorette parties. Yes, they are probably my favorite thing because I love nothing more than a girls trip but we all know that until your feet are in the sand or you are checked in wherever you are going, it can be a bit stressful. While I have been in more than a handful of weddings the last 5 years, I have only been to two destination bachelorette parties (one in Las Vegas & then last weekends Miami adventure).

Thankfully the planning process for either of these trips was not on my shoulders but I wanted to try to be a helpful bridesmaid so of course I tried to help as much as possible!

Before we left for Miami, thanks to the organized maid of honor two things were decided. One, where we were staying (Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach) and two that we all wanted to arrive late Thursday night to get two FULL days on the beach! I have to say this was the BEST idea to arrive late on Thursday night because traveling together is fun but spending time together as a group even better. Other than hotel, travel times and lingerie shower plans; we had made reservations at a few restaurants, thus giving everyone a ‘say’ when we were deciding what we wanted to eat each night.

Ok, back to the hotel. The MOH (maid of honor) decided that we would all be staying at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach. This was such a great choice because it was centrally located, had direct access to the beach, the rooms were spacious and it was a full service resort so we really didn’t need to leave unless we wanted to mix it up! I am so thankful that the MOH picked the Grand Beach Hotel because it was so accommodating for such a large group (we had 11). We ended up eating breakfast and lunch at the hotel each day which was super easy and allowed us all to have more time together and on the beach!

Like I said, we had a few options for dinner so one night the group opted for Sushi and the other we really switched it up and went for Cuban (the bride’s favorite). The weekend was a typical girls weekend consisting of lots of laughs, cocktails and wonderful memories. It really was the perfect bachelorette party weekend getaway and I am so sad that it’s already over.

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