Staying Active

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The first step is getting active and we all know what comes after getting active…actually staying active. To me, staying active and getting into a routine that works for you not only takes time but it really does take dedication. For me, finding a spin studio like Terlingo Cycle, that I am obsessed with has really helped me when it comes to staying active.

As I have mentioned before another thing that oddly enough motivates me is my work out clothing. I have said this time and time again but there is nothing better than ‘looking the part’ or feeling great in your outfit while you are working out. For me, I have always been a fan of Zella work out clothing from Nordstrom. The fits are great, the clothing is fashionable and they last workout after work out.

It really is about finding something that you love and that works for you. For me, staying active has become quite easy thanks to Terlingo Indoor cycling and of course those cute work out outfits from Zella.

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This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own!

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