Need To Know: Caroline Constas

Amy Havins talks about a designer you need to know, Caroline Constas.image via

While on a flight home last week, I was browsing my favorite online retailers (shocking I know). Having just come off of a tropical getaway, I was searching for more warm weather clothing to make me feel better about coming home to chilly Dallas. While looking through all of the off the shoulder blouses I started to notice that all of the blouses that were being added to my ‘wish list’ were the same designer, Caroline Constas.

I guess I have been living under a rock because I literally have no clue how I do not having any of Caroline Constas pieces in my closet. This New York based designer, started her clothing line in the Spring of 2013 because she wanted to make clothes that were actually wearable. I have to say, I appreciate a designer who really has a practical mindset that the majority of consumers have in mind.

Caroline Constas’ classic vibe and off the shoulder details have me wanting every single piece in her collection for our next getaway!

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