Amy Havins of Dallas Wardrobe shares her home.If you have follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (user: dallaswardrobe), you know that two months ago we moved into our new house. Having looked for almost a year, I cannot tell you how pleased we were when we walked into this gem in a neighborhood we had been ‘hunting’ in. Such a weight was lifted because it only took walking through the front door to know that we had finally found ‘the one’.

We all know that when it comes to moving, things take time but I can now officially say that I really understand the phrase, patience is a virtue, especially when it relates to anything having to do with houses.

Since our home was built in 1941 there were a few spaces that had not been touched in a while plus we really wanted to add our own personal touch to the house so we decided to move in and begin construction. Backwards right? Well, we were so excited to move in, we decided to suck it up, live in a different area of the house and just watch this entire process unfold. Although it has been such a process, its so exciting that we really don’t even mind.

Having never redone a house before (our previous townhouse had been updated prior us moving in), we turned to our long time family friend and realtor, Shirley Cohn, to recommend contractors. After interviewing a couple we finally decided who we were going with and then the real fun started.

Since we had previously decided that we were going to redo key spaces in the house (master bathroom, master closet, kitchen and convert the guest house to a garage) and we were feeling totally overwhelmed with being able to communicate our vision, we decided we needed to bring in an interior designer. Wade and I had an idea of the general style and feel we wanted the house to have but we didn’t really know how to make it happen without the help of a professional. Enter Cindy Sontag, one of Dallas’ most talented interior designers. I wish I could really convey to you all how obsessed we are with her taste (and her of course) but I am really excited to start revealing little bits and pieces as it starts to come together and you will be able to see for yourselves!

Currently all materials have been picked out and we are daily selecting furniture, light fixtures and more things that I could ever even image that need to be picked out. I feel like I am going to wake up one morning and it will all be finished but for now we are just enjoying our first go around with a home remodel/decorating and wanted to share a little bit with those of you who have been asking.

To see a few more photos that I have posted on Instagram, make sure to look through the hashtag #DWardrobeHome.

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