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Every now and then you need to mix things up. Whether that is a new hair style, wearing something out of your comfort zone, trying a new restaurant or for me this blog (dallas wardrobe). The best part about having a blog is being able to share things that I love and that inspire me. I often talk about outfits, trends, sales, where I am shopping and what I am really into but one of the things that I have not really talked about are the amazing people that I have become friends with. Weird I know, I created an online space and through this space I have been able to meet and get to know girls all over the country! Some of my best girlfriends are right here in Dallas and technically we met online!

Though you may see some of the blogs I read daily (look to your left and down a bit on the sidebar) but I read so many more than that! Beginning tomorrow and for the next few weeks (check back on Tuesday & Thursday) I will be letting a few of my favorite girls take over the blog and share with you what they are loving right now. I cannot wait for this little series to begin & I promise you will love everything these girls are loving right now!

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