Mary Poppins Bag

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Unless you have lived under a rock you remember the film Mary Poppins. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Mary Poppins is unpacking her large bag & pulls out everything from a lamp, a coat rack to a tape measure. Although this was clearly movie magic as a little girl I always thought it was amazing that one could hold pretty much everything in a bag!

Flash forward about 20 years and now I kind of do the same thing with my bags. If I were to dump out my purse you would find everything from hairspray, a sewing kit (you never know) nail polish, ballet flats & a variety of lip glosses. Big Mary Poppins bags, a.k.a. the bags that hold everything are essential. I see so many women carrying around wallets or small purses and it just amazes me. I always wonder how it is possible to carry so little around and maybe I should be carrying around less? I for one am a fan of the over sized tote are you?

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