Matching Pajamas

matching pajamas

Last spring Ralph was in need of new pajamas (they grow so fast). I wanted to get him something that was not only soft but actually good for him. I came across the brand Hart + Land via The Tot (if you haven’t shopped at The Tot, you HAVE to). I quickly learned that Hart + Land was the best of the best on the market. Not only is Hart + Land pajamas the SOFTEST pajamas I have ever felt but they make non-toxic, ethically produced and 100% organic cotton. Sounds like a win, win right? Well one of the best things about Hart + Land is that they now make matching adult pajamas in various prints. Yes, myself, Wade and Ralph all have matching jammies and we love it.

I love putting Ralph in something the he loves but also benefits him. If you have not checked out Hart + Land, I highly recommend it!

Click here to start shopping.

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