White Maxi Dress

white maxi dress

dress (also love this blue and white version) // hermes sandals (similar here & here) // sunnies (only $70)

Am I the only one who cannot believe that it is July 8th? It’s hard to believe that July 4th has come and gone already. I have to say, we had the most wonderful holiday weekend. Everyone has told me that holidays get more and more fun as your littles get older and I have to say that could not be more true.

While Ralph didn’t get to stay up to see fireworks (he is not even 2 yet), we did have the best 4th of July with our sweet little boy. We started the morning by taking him to the parade. Wade and I had time to each finish a cup of coffee before Ralph was over it altogether (the photo above was taken on the way to the car). I get it though, it was extremely hot in Dallas on the 4th, so I am SO glad that I wore this white maxi dress becuase it was very breathable! 

After the parade, we took Ralph home for more play time in the backyard, a nice nap and then to his very first movie! We decided on Toy Story 4 because he has see the other 3 more than a handful of times. Much to our surprise, Ralph lasted 1 full hour at the movie! After that one hour, he was OVER it. Hey, we tried.

While our 4th of July’s look a little different than they used to but I would not change a thing.

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