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Happy Friday! Yay, another week complete which means that it’s the weekend. This past week was quite busy. One of my best friends had a birthday dinner Tuesday night at Javier’s, Wednesday night was spent celebrating my sweet husbands birthday and last night I hosted the store opening party for the new J.Crew Mercantile (it’s amazing, you have to go check it out) followed by dinner at one of my go-to restaurants, Parigi. Tonight I am actually planning on cooking dinner (fish is on le menu) followed by a movie at home. Relaxing Friday nights in are the best.

Tomorrow morning one of my best friends Kristin and I are getting up bright and early for spin class at Terlingo. We now have this little tradition on Saturdays that we do double spin at Terlingo Cycle (Jessica’s class at 8:30 followed by John’s at 9:30). It’s really hard but we both feel so accomplished after we work out! Tomorrow night we are planning on having dinner at Javier’s (another one of our favorite spots) followed by who knows what. The no plan plan is the best plan. I hope you all have the most relaxing weekend and make sure to check back on Monday as someone verrrrry special will be making a guest appearance on the blog. xx

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