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Happy Friday! I hope you have all had a great week so far. Today is our third day in New York and we are having such a blast. I mean going and blowing! Yes my feet hurt, yes I have changed outfits about 7 times so far and New York is FREEZING. Today (Friday) is our biggest day. Hair and make up show up at 7:15…(side note: I am not a morning person so that is CRAZY early for me), and the first show is at 10 AM and the last thing ends about midnight tonight. WHOAH baby. That’s ok thought because the husband and I are having the best time.

We plan to spend tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) by starting off with a little breakfast in bed, attending just one show, and really just enjoying the city…let’s be honest, probably shopping. We have a couple of options for dinner reservations (still haven’t decided) and then we plan to meet up with some friends for a post dinner drink. Sunday is an early show, a fun brunch hosted by my good friend Mackenzie, hopefully pop into a museum and then just like that we will be heading back to Dallas! I hope you all have the best weekend and as I mentioned on Wednesday make sure to follow me on Instagram (@DallasWardrobe) for pictures from Fashion Week and New York…oh, and if you want EXTRA behind the scenes photos and I am sure silly pictures of me, you should probably follow my husband (@WadeHavins). I hope you all have a great weekend and think warm thoughts for everyone in New York! xx

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