Happy Weekend

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Happy weekend & more importantly Happy Spring! I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is officially spring! Planning on making a trip to the market later this afternoon to pick up some fresh blooms. The weather in Dallas has been absolutely perfect this week. I mean I am talking 75 and sunny every.single.day. Just amazing.

This week was quick per usual. I feel like every single week gets faster & faster. Anyone else think that? Few highlights included catching up with an old friend, coffee with one of my favorites, a fun girls night with Lynsey, Krystal & Molly that included margaritas and a Mavs game and finally a sushi double date and a late night at Javiers (one of our favorite spots to eat & drink). No plans (yet) for the weekend. Same story different weekend….we say we have no plans and then it ends up being a jam-packed weekend. Honestly I am really hoping to just lay low and snuggle with the puppies and the husband. I hope you all have a lovely first official weekend of spring! xx

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