Happy Weekend

Amy Havins shares photos of her dining room in her house.

Happy weekend friends! How is it already the 6th of October? I don’t know how things are for you but time is really flying by me. In just a few days baby Ralph will already be 3 months old! It feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital!

This week has been a bit hectic to say the least. Between adjusting to life with a new(ish) baby keeps it interesting! Thankfully baby Ralph has been such an easy baby which makes for a better transition but there are still moments where he lets us know who is in charge! Although the last week has seemed a bit like a blur, it has consisted of everything from work, playtime, naps, more work and even a few works outs!

This weekend we were actually supposed to be out of town but our plans changed earlier this week and we decided that we were going to stay in Dallas. It is always so nice to have cleared your weekend to be out of town and then all of the sudden you actually stay. It is funny but it feels like you gain some time! This weekend we plan to snuggle a lot with baby Ralph, get in a work out, have dinner with friends and just relax! Looking forward to spending a low key weekend at home!


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