Casual Fall Outfit Inspiration

Amy Havins shares a classic look from new york fashion week with mary kay.Amy Havins shares her fall plaid style from Stein Mart.Amy Havins shares a classic shoe from Nordstrom.Amy Havins wears a blush coat from old navy with hudson jeans and pumps.Amy Havins shares her favorite fall looks from the past.Amy Havins shares her favorite fall looks from the past.Amy havins shares her easy fall style.Amy Havins wears fall plaid from Old Navy.Amy Havins wears a Shoshanna dress paired with Stuart Weitzman gray over the knee boots.Amy Havins wears red, white and blue from white house black market.Amy Havins wears a pink peplum blouse with dark skinny jeans.Amy Havins wears a tory burch color clocked skirt and over the knee boots.

I cannot believe that the first ‘official’ day of fall is tomorrow. It is extra hard to process because Dallas is still SO hot. That being said, I have started to pull out my sweaters, boots and jackets in hopes that MAYBE I will wake up one morning and it will be cool enough to wear them. I know it’s a long shot but a girl can dream.

Before the start of every season (especially before I start really shopping), I like to look at old photos of my outfits to be reminded of all the pretty pieces that I still have in my closet. When I used to organize closets, I would always tell my clients that with clothes if they are out of sight, then they are out of mind (at least for me). One of my favorite closet tricks that I do BEFORE I start getting shop happy, I ‘re-arrange’ my clothes. No, I don’ t move my dresses to a different section, I just mix them up. It allows me to ‘re-see’ everything I have, so I don’t waste money on (new) similar items.

As I look at the fall outfits that I have worn in my past, it makes me happy for a new season but also makes me realize what little I need to add to my closet!

look one // look two // look three // look four // look five // look six // look seven // look eight // look nine // look ten // look eleven // look twelve

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