Happy Weekend

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Happy Friday everyone! Another week in the books! If you follow me on social media, you know that yesterday Wade and I decided to take a pretty last minute trip to Los Angeles for a little weekend away. The timing could not be more ideal because we have had so much going on and we needed a little get away!

This weekend we plan to see friends, doing a little shopping (duh), eat at our favorite restaurants and even go to the golf tournament. There really is nothing better than a SUPER last minute getaway!

Back in Dallas our cabinets are getting installed in the kitchen today (friday) and drapes in one of the guest rooms are being hung, so it’s actually going to be so much fun to get home on Sunday and see all of the changes that happened while we were gone.

If you cannot tell by my kitchen cabinet install comment above, things are going well with our kitchen remodel. So far, I cannot say enough nice things about the contractors we are working with. A total dream compared to the nightmare that we are still dealing with from phase 1 of our remodel.

All in all it was a really great week and I am feeling so accomplished. It’s really fun being able to start checking things off of my never ending list!


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