Gift Guide: New Moms & Moms-to-Be

gift guidegift guidegift guide

Being totally clueless about what new moms & mommies-to-be want I had to turn to one of my best friends from college, JaNae, who just had her first baby for this gift guide. While I am not planning on being a baby expert for at least a few more years it has been fun to learn a few tips & tricks along the way as she & her husband are figuring out life with a baby.

While chatting with JaNae she talked me through all of the things she has loved having, a few things she has had to get more of (swaddles) and cute little gift ideas. I cannot wait to be in Houston in a few weeks to hold her new little bundle of joy and to see the nursery that she has worked so hard on and decorated oh-so-perfectly (I have seen pictures). So let’s all applaud JaNae for this amazing variety because I assure you it would not have been possible without her help! Thanks to best friends like JaNae I know when the husband and I cross that bridge we will have so many experts to help us learn a new normal.


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