bookshelvesbookshelvesBedroom-inspiration3_zps69263797bookshelvesbookshelvesbookshelvesOne thing that I have always collected are beautiful books. It’s been that gift that I always get from my family or the one that I get myself. I think they are a great addition to any room and are also just enjoyable to flip through. Having lived in our house for over a year now I hate to admit but decor wise it is still not completely finished. One of those rooms being the office. While we have the all the ‘big stuff’ done in the room (desk, rug, club chairs) one thing that is still incomplete are the bookshelves. We have beautiful builtins that you think I would have styled by now but honestly I am so bad at anything that has to do with home interiors. It’s just not my thing and I admire those that are so good at it. Maybe like a few of you, I rely on home interior blogs (Peppermint Bliss & Coco and Kelly are two of my favs) to gain inspiration in hopes that I could maybeee re-create something similar.

While getting coffee last week at one of my favorite Dallas spots, Number One, I popped into the connecting bookstore, Chapter 2. Not only is it one of the most charming bookstores in Dallas but as I walked around this little store and admired the book selection all I could think about was how beautifully styled the shelves were. Thus reminding me of how badly I need to finish mine. You guys even though they ONLY had books stacked it still look so pretty. I loved how simple it was but with all of the different colors it was the perfect combo if that even makes sense. Thinking I need to stop over thinking these shelves and just start stacking. Let the books do the talking or whatever. Sounds simple enough right? Wish me luck…

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