Beauty Secret: Organic Raw Honey

organic raw honeyLike most of you, I am currently in the beginning stages of the never ending anti-aging game. I am starting to notice little lines that are magically appearing and I have been fighting the sun damage (spot) battle for about 5 years now as a result of way too much time in the tanning bed during my high school days (almost 10 years ago, yikes!).

Since I have combination skin (dry/normal/oily) I have always kept my skin care routine really simple or very generic as some may say.  Cetaphil has been my go-to cleanser per my dermatologist recommendation for as long as I can remember, I am addicted to my Clarisonic, I get facials every so often but currently in desperate need of a chemical peel & always wear SPF 50 moisturizer. Since my youthful obsession with the sun has resulted in sun damage I am also on a prescription topical cream to help reduce some of the spots but as great as the cream is it often leaves my skin SO DRY. Like so dry even the best moisturizers won’t help!

Enter the best kept beauty secret: Organic Moutain Forest Raw Honey. You maybe wondering what raw honey can do for your skin and trust me, I was just as skeptical until (thanks to a good friend) I went to Whole Foods for myself and bought some. After doing a little more research on this natural product before I covered my face in it, I learned that honey does wonders for your skin because it is raw (a.k.a. unprocessed & natural).

Benefits of Raw Honey

  • Delivers moisture & unclogs pores
  • Acne treatment & prevention (honey is a natural antibacterial)
  • Honey has been great for my sensitive (peeling) skin

I have used this for just a week now to wash my face in the evenings and I can already tell a HUGE difference. All I was told to do was to dampen my face, treat the honey like my normal cleanser and rub with my hands for about a minute. Not only have I noticed my face retaining more moisture but I even have noticed a little more ‘glow’ to my skin which is always nice. My friend who has been using the honey for about 6 months now will use make up remover when needed and then the honey. Literally that is it. I am trying to work up to that point!

Fun (shameful/embarassing) fact about me: I was voted ‘most likely to be tan the rest of my life’ in high school. If only I could have told my 16 year old self to get the hell out of the sun and bathe in sunscreen instead of coconut oil maybe things would be a little different. Oh well, you live and you learn right? I guess I will have to rely on my (current) beauty regimen, my new obsession with honey and my make up! Do you have any beauty secrets you would be willing to share?

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