Summer Haircare Favorites

Amy Havins shares her summer haircare favorites.

Lately I have spent a bit more time than usual in the pool. While I do love nothing more than soaking up the sunshine and swimming one of the worst parts about summertime is the effects it has on your hair. For me, summertime is one of the hardest times on my hair so I add a few extra things to keep my hair healthy, shiny and smooth during these few months. See below for the breakdown of my current favorite summertime products as well as why and how to use them!

  • Dessange Paris Purifying Clay: This balancing pre-shampoo mask is a new favorite of mine. I have been using this purifying clay mask the last two weeks (once a week) before I get in the shower/wash my hair and have seen a huge difference in my scalp. All you do is apply the clay formula to your DRY roots (it even comes with a professional application brush), massage into your scalp, let it sit for about 7 minutes and then just rinse out. Follow with your normal shampoo/conditioner routine. You will love this product because it takes just a few extra minutes and it really purifies the scalp and helps reduce oils.
  • Frederick Fekkai Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner: I can thank my grandmother for my Frederick Fekkai obsession. She has been using this shampoo and conditioner for YEARS and got me hooked when I was in college. Yes, it is more expensive than your normal shampoo/conditioner but it makes such a big difference. As someone who colors their hair, I have learned over time that by investing in great shampoo/conditioner your ‘color’ really does last longer. Plus the best part about this Frederick Fekkai Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner (the PINK bottles) is that it infused with the oil of pure grape seed so it leaves the hair silky and smooth. Thanks Annie (my grandmother) for my life-long obsession. Oh and even though Wade does not color is hair he is just as obsessed with this shampoo and conditioner because he loves how soft it makes his hair. You know it’s a good sign when even the guys love it!
  • Kerastase Reflection Chroma Captive Masque: This is a great conditioning mask, especially for those of you who color their hair. I use this product at least once a week because my hair gets so dry in the summer. It’s such an easy mask to use. All you do is apply a quarter sized amount to clean dry hair (from root to ends). The product says to rinse after 5-10 minutes but I actually apply this at night and just sleep in the masque. I have followed the directions with the mask and left it on for about 7 minutes but for some reason I prefer sleeping in it. I think it makes my hair feel more conditioned. Regardless of how you like to use hair masks, this one is really great…especially this time of year!
  • Kerastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil: This Kerastase hair oil is great for all hair types. This hair oil is a leave in treatment that I am sure most of you just apply to wet or dry and style as usual but if I apply oil to my hair and attempt to style it my hair will literally just stick to my face. I actually use this hair oil pre beach/pool. Before I head to the water I get my hair wet and apply the oil to my hair. I have found that it protects my hair from the sun. Basically I use it as a conditioning sunscreen for my hair. I am sure if your hair does well with oils before you style it this Kerastase hair oil would be great for you but if you just need another conditioning/oil treatment to help protect the hair and keep it moisturized this product would be great for you.

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