Bobbi Brown Beach

Amy Havins shares her favorite summer scent, Bobbi Brown Beaches.Happy summer! If you read yesterdays post, you know how excited I am that it is officially summer. Although I did mention yesterday just a few reasons as to why I was excited for the new season but another reason that I am thrilled is because it is time to break out my FAVORITE summer scent, Bobbi Brown Beach.

Beach by Bobbi Brown is a scent that takes me wayyyyy back. Beach reminds me of yes, the beach..particularly my grandmother. Growing up my grandmother used to take us to the beach every summer. It was a time when my entire family got away and spent amazing quality time together. While I do have SO many memories from those summer trips, one memory that I will always carry with me is the scents of the beach and the scent that my grandmother would wear!

My grandmother being the savvy babe that she is, always had the latest beauty products, particularly from Bobbi Brown so the Bobbi Brown Beach collection was always in her summer suitcase.

You guys, if there is one beauty scent collection that you should get for the summer, Bobbi Brown Beach should be it. I literally pulled mine out Saturday and I cannot get enough of the smell. Bobbi Brown Beach is going to be my scent of the summer and it should be yours too!

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