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Amy Havins wears a denim tiered maxi dress with flats.One thing that I have gotten more than a handful of e-mails and comments about throughout my pregnancy is my ‘pregnancy style’. I personally think it is kind of weird to negatively e-mail someone about the way they are dressing THEIR own baby bump, but to each their own. These comments have consisted of readers saying that I am ‘hiding my bump’, that I ‘don’t look pregnant’ or that I’m not ’embracing my pregnancy’. Not sure how I am putting off that vibe but again, to each their own…

Pregnancy shame? Maybe. Rude? 100% yes. If I have learned anything throughout the duration of my pregnancy thus far it is that EVERY single pregnancy is different. Every women carries her baby different, every woman has different symptoms, styles, routines, preferences, doctors, birth plans (I mean I could go on for hours).

I just wanted to write this post and put it out there that in fact I have very much embraced my pregnancy it’s just that my pregnancy has been different than others (shocking I know). Since this is my first baby, my bump has taken a little longer to grow. While it has ‘popped’, I am still able to wear certain things in my closet that conceal the bump (not’s just not totally there yet!). Another thing that I wanted to address was my ‘pregnancy style’. I never knew what my own pregnancy style would be until I was actually pregnant (funny how that works). Would I be the girl who loved everything fitted or would I go with a more flowy and romantic style.

Now that I am almost 7 1/2 months pregnant, I think it’s safe to say that my pregnancy style is a bit more flowy and romantic. I love finding beautiful blouses that comfortably fit my body/bump but that I know I can also wear post baby. For me, purchasing ‘fitted’ clothing while pregnant is not my style only because I know I will not be wanting to wear fitted dresses post baby and if I am already spending the money on the clothes; I want to be able to get as much wear out of them as possible (cost per wear people).

I love seeing different pregnancy styles and hearing about different pregnancy preferences, so if you would like to share, I would LOVE to hear!!

My Current Favorite Pregnancy Pieces

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