Dock A Tot

Amy Havins shares about the Dock a totAlthough baby Ralph has not arrived yet and hopefully will not arrive until he is due (10 weeks left); we have been stocking up on products to prepare for him and it is safe to say we are in FULL nesting mode. Thankfully 3 of my best (and oldest) friends in the whole world already have babies so they have been going through the ‘trial and error’ process of what is working for them and what is not.

I know that every baby is different and has different needs/wants but one product that all of my friends are currently obsessed with is the DockATot. They say this is their FAVORITE product and their babies love it. My friends love the DockATot because it offers a safe,snug and soothing environment for babies. They swear it is the best sleeper for baby because it can go in your bed or in their cribs! It’s the perfect ‘holder’ for their little bundles.

I cannot wait to try the DockATot when little Ralph arrives! Fingers crossed he loves the DockATot as much as my friends babies do!

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