Moba Moses Baby Basket

Amy Havins shares about the Moba Moses baby basket.I was introduced to the Moba Moses Basket by my friend Margaret who is a baby registry concierge at The Tot. I was intrigued by the Moba Moses Basket because it looked to precious but also was so functional! This classic Moses basket for newborns will hopefully be Ralph’s favorite place to nap during the day.

The Moba Moses Basket has fully ventilated base and sides, a waffle-woven cotton liner and a supportive Moba mattress. All of the components of the Moba Moses Basket are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, washable and crafted from durable, responsibly sourced materials. The Moba Moses Basket comes in 9 different colors (perfect for matching your home/nursery), plus it can be easily moved from room to room!

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