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Lately I have really been into trying new beauty products. Every time I am in Nordstrom I find myself wandering through their immaculate beauty department testing products and looking for the latest greatest. While I will say that for the most part I have been wearing the same color palette since I was 14, I love nothing more than trying new products.

While on a normal Nordstrom run I learned about the new Nars limited edition collection that Nordstrom is exclusively carrying. As a fan of anything beauty that is latest greatest of course I had to get a couple of things for myself. I ended up getting the Nars limited edition eye shadow palette and the Nars limited edition velvet shadow stick. Don’t worry…of course I got the Nars multiple stick (it should be in everyones make up drawer).

Ok, ok back to the Nars limited edition eye shadow palette…you guys it’s so gorgeous and the best part is that this Nars eyeshadow palette is so versatile. Light goes to dark and warm can blur to cool. You really can wear the eye palette so many different ways. Don’t even get me started on the the Nars velvet shadow stick. This dream product is perfect for defining, shading and drawing unscripted drama to your make up look. It adds dimension to your eyes for a gorgeous matte look that turns heads. Oh and did I mention it’s the perfect thing to make a beautiful smokey eye.

So there you have it…you better snatch up the Nordstrom exclusive Nars limited edition products before they are gone. Trust me, they are beautiful.

products pictured: nordstrom exclusive x nars limited edition eye shadow palette//nordstrom exclusive x nars limited edition velvet shadow stick//nars multiple stick (for eyes, cheeks & body)

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This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own!

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