What Playmat Do We Use For Tummy Time?

Amy Havins shares what Playmat she uses with ralph.We have been doing tummy time with Baby Ralph since he was a week old. At first, we were not sure if he would like it or not (lots of my friends kids hated it) but after our first pediatrician appointment, she advised us to give it a try, so that is exactly what we did. Thankfully baby Ralph LOVEDDD his first tummy time experience.

Although Ralph doesn’t mind being on his stomach in general, one thing that I personally think has made tummy time more enjoyable for him is this playmat he lays on. This ‘lily pad’ playmate is so soft and very breathable!

This product is Baby Ralph approved and I know your littles would love it as much as he does!

Get your own lily pad playmat here

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  1. Madeline says:

    That’s really cool! My son will be five weeks old tomorrow. I don’t think he loves tummy time but I don’t think he dislikes it either. I’m wanting him to like it more though cause I know it’s really important for his health. I’ve loved reading your baby posts. I don’t have many friends with babies so I try to read as much as I can. I love hearing about other people’s experiences and ideas.

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