The Beanie

beaniebeaniebeaniebeaniebeanieIn just a few short weeks I will be heading to NYC for Fashion Week and I cannot tell you how excited I am. I know I say this season after season but every time I got it’s like a completely new experience. There are new clothes on the runways, new trends to watch out for, we always try different restaurants, you get the idea right?

One ‘new’ thing I will be trying in New York thanks to my gal pals over at Tomboy KC who made encouraged me to wear one, is the beanie. While I will say I don’t think I am ‘cool’ enough to pull of this trend. I have decided I am going to brave the cold weather and my personal insecurities about how I look in hats and go for it. I always like to make myself get out of my comfort fashion zone. Now I just need to decide which one to get!

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