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We all know that it’s about that time of year where we start pulling out our jackets, sweaters and boots that have been in ‘hiding’ for months. Although I am super excited to unpack those things that have been gone for so long, the one thing that I am most excited about is mixing up my make-up routine.

One brand that I always seem to go back to (literally have had it in my make-up bag in some form since 1999) is Urban Decay. I especially love their new collection that I found at Nordstrom for fall because the majority of the colors & palettes are in my favorite tones (more neutral). After doing a lot of playing browsing I ended up going home with the Beauty Balm (great coverage), the Naked Palette (best way to get ALL the colors you need), the eyeliner (it’s amazing) and a pretty lip gloss. I can’t wait to incorporate and transition from summer make-up to new fall make-up styles with Urban Decay!

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This post was brought to you by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own!

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