The Scents of Diptyque

Amy Havins talks about the best spring scents from Diptyque.

Am I the only one that loves love nothing more than adding a new scent to their perfume collection? It’s funny but as I have gotten a little older scents have really become important to me. They are important to me because every time a particular scent is sprayed it takes me back to a special moment. For example, I wore the same scent the night of our engagement as I did the night we got married, I have a scent that I travel with, so even if I am not out of town I can be ‘taken away’ with just one splash of perfume. I also have scents that friends have given that remind me of them. It’s amazing how memorable a scent can be and really how important it is to pick them wisely.

One new scent that I have added to my collection this spring is Diptyque Eau des Sens. This fresh scent, with spicy and woodsy undertones, has already made a ‘scent memory’ of unique time in my life…our first home renovation. As phase one of this project comes to a close, this new (to me) scent will always remind me of this time! Do you have any scents that remind you of something special? Am I the only one who does this???

images by sukilynn

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