Summer Whites

summer white summer white summer white summer white summer whiteHello summer, glad you are finallyyyy here. With summer officially in full swing the summer staples, like all of my white dresses, blouses and shorts, have all moved to the front of my closet and are now in full rotation. As you probably know by now (I have mentioned it before) but I wear white year round but during the summer months it seems to be my favorite. White looks bright and effortlessly chic, clean and crisp plus they make your bronzed skin look even better.

The best part about wearing a summer staple like a white dress, blouse or jeans is that you can add heels for a dressy night or flats to keep it casual. Wearing all white always creates a look that is too good to be missed, so if you are someone who only wears white from Memorial Day to Labor Day make sure to wear it as much as you can!

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