Shopbop Friends & Family Sale

Dallas fashion blogger talks about the best things to buy from the shopbop sale!It’s that time again….the time when a new season is rolling in and more importantly a time to save money on the biggest trends right now! I know I always say this but I’m going to repeat myself (per usual). I love NOTHING more than a sale. In fact they could be my favorite thing..I mean you are saving money and who doesn’t love that?

My husband actually laughs every time I say I am going to ‘check out a sale’ and then reminds me that all good deals add up to one bad deal but I will say the Shopbop Friends and Family Sale does not fall into this category. Even Wade knows how good this sale is. I mean all of my spring ‘wish list’ items at a discounted price? Yes. Please.

To make this Shopbop sale shopping experience easier for you guys or at least help you get started, I have listed some of my must have items below. Regardless of what you think you need or don’t need, I suggest you at least take a look at the Shopbop sale. It’s just too good of a sale to go unnoticed! Make sure to use the code INTHEFAM at checkout to get 25% off! Click here to start saving. Happy Shopbop Sale shopping! xx

Shopbop Sale Must-Have Items

All of these Aquazzura shoes need to be in your shopping cart. I mean how cute is the fringe on these shoes?? Oh and don’t even get me started on these wedges or the pom pom’s on these shoes! Too cute! Oh, and if you haven’t already added this classic pair of Aquazzura’s to your closet, now is your chance!

I am obsessed with this Shoshanna dress (oh and I love this one too), thinking I need to add this pair of white jeans to my closet (they are on sale, why not), this blouse is amazing, obsessed with this off the shoulder and these floral pumps are GORGEOUS!

Love this white off the shoulder blouse, these sneakers so springy, these earrings have always been a personal favorite and I think that everyone needs this dress for spring/summer (you all will love)!

green dress

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